Augusta National Golf Club

Did you know that a famous resident of Cleveland’s’ Millionaire’s Row was one of the founders of what I believe to be one of the most famous and truly beautiful golf courses in all the world.

Francis Drury founder of the Cleveland Play House lived with wife Julia on Euclid Avenue at Euclid and East 87th Streets. Francis and wife wintered at their grand home in Augusta, Georgia. As it turns out Francis Drury knew famous golfer Bobby Jones. In the late 1920’s and early 1930’s Bobby began and finished his dream, the building of now famous Augusta National Golf Club.

Bobby needed funds to fuel his dream and thus approached 28 of his friends with an investment opportunity. Each contributed $5000-$25,000, the funding Bobby Jones needed to complete the dream.

Francis Drury, investor, also it is said, traveled with Bobby Jones as he played golf in Europe. Francis Drury liked nothing more than to support young people who were dedicated to their dreams. This was the case with not only Bobby Jones but, the young folks dedicated to forming what became one of the greatest little play houses in all the land, The Cleveland Play House.

Francis Drury photo

Francis Drury

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