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Supporting the Autism Community

Cleveland Storyteller events have raised over $50,000 for individuals with autism. The funds have provided more than 250 iPads and funding to 10 Cleveland area nonprofits through our Willoughby Rotary Autism Program. This help struck home at a recent event where I heard one of our recipients “speak.”

This young woman’s autism prevents her from speaking. Jordan was the recipient of the first iPad we provided, and she delivered an amazing speech using her iPad. She spoke with perfect clarity as she shared the story of her frustration from not being able to communicate with others including her parents. Without the iPad she was isolated and suffered from extreme temper tantrums. She knew she was capable but unable to express herself to others.

The iPad changed her life and Jordan is looking forward to going to college.

I’ve been privileged to share interesting and fascinating stories of Cleveland with more than 40,000 people during 600+ presentations and dozens of fundraisers. But hearing the impact of these efforts on one young woman is especially rewarding.

If you feel I can bring value to your fundraiser or corporate event, please contact me here.

I Saw A Ghost–Will You?

The Drury

A couple of years ago, I was giving a Cleveland Storyteller presentation at the Drury Mansion on Euclid Avenue, one of the four Millionaire’s Row mansions that is still standing. With 52 rooms and walls of remarkable wood detail, the mansion’s sheer size and splendor took us all back into time. I was speaking with my back to the grand fireplace, entertaining a crowd that had gathered to hear about Francis Drury and his wife, Julia.

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May 5, Experience the Great Estates of Wickliffe and The People Who Lived In Them

Photo by Tim Evanson

The Gilded Age is known for the rich lifestyles, pomp and circumstance for the booming economy, innovation and a time between the Civil War and World War I when business and industry was filling the purses of leaders like Rockefeller and Ford, who in turn used their wealth to build renowned mansions.

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Gather at Mather Mansion for a Tour, Talk and Libations

Mather Mansion

The parties were packed with elite businessmen and socialite spouses, dressed in the latest fashions and prepared for evenings that included eight-course meals, live bands in a ballroom, and décor you’d find at weddings. The residents of Cleveland’s Millionaire’s Row spared no expense when entertaining.

One of the Row’s last standing mansions is the 45-room Mather Mansion completed in 1910. At the time, it was the largest home on the street and the most expensive mansion in Cleveland. From its third-floor ballroom with 16-foot ceilings to the handcrafted woodwork, the mansion’s exquisite details tell the story of a lavish lifestyle during a time when Cleveland was one of the country’s top industrial cities.

Today, the Mather Mansion at 2605 Euclid Ave. is one of the last Millionaire’s Row mansions standing. Join Cleveland Storyteller Dan Ruminski at the Mather Mansion on Saturday, March 25, 3 to 6 p.m., for a tour, talk, open beer and wine bar, and hors d’oeuvres.

Climb the grand, spiral staircase leading to the vast ballroom. Imagine living in Cleveland’s past, dancing at a Mather Mansion party and listening to the Cleveland Orchestra there-or any number of national musical acts that would visit specifically for these parties. Step into the vestibule. Most of us would love to live in a home the size of this single space. The sheer enormity and grandeur of the Mather Mansion is only experienced when standing inside it, and listening to stories that illuminate Cleveland history.

Join us for this animated tour and social gathering by emailing Dan at
, or calling 216.326.7700. Tickets for the event are $20. We hope to see you there!

You Asked… Answers to 3 Questions About Life during Cleveland’s Past

Rockefeller’s Estate

People are intrigued when they hear stories about Cleveland’s past-the mansions, the parties, the industry, the society, the way of life. Learning more about Cleveland “back then” always sparks questions.

Here are three questions I answer all the time after my Cleveland Storyteller presentations. (There are many more that I’ll share with you in future blogs. Stay tuned!) Continue reading You Asked… Answers to 3 Questions About Life during Cleveland’s Past