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The Four Millionaire’s Row Mansions Still Standing

Uncovering the decadent past of Euclid Avenue

Mather Mansion

Euclid Avenue was Millionaire’s Row, with some 250 mansions extending a 4-mile stretch. Some of the homes were as large as 50,000 square feet with lots consuming 6 acres of land in Cleveland. One of the grandest estates owned by Samuel Andrews employed 100 servants to keep the mansion running on a daily basis.

Today, there are just four original mansions left.

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Chardonnay with a Cleveland Story

The Cleveland Storyteller at a wine tasting event
The Cleveland Storyteller at a wine tasting event

I had a wonderful evening and presentation at a marvelous wine shop in Solon, OH. Owner, Kathi Hays wanted to do a wine tasting event combined with my presentation on Millionaires Row.

The following are Kathi’s comments on the event. I believe such events could be successful for all kinds of businesses that want customer presence at their location.

Dan Ruminski
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Horse Country Road Tour – Fundraising that’s Fun

The Storyteller at the 5th Anniversary "Horse Country Road Tour." (photo)
5th Anniversary "Horse Country Road Tour" -- Click to see Facebook Photo Album

My quest to use Cleveland history in promoting pride in Cleveland took a giant step forward as I presented at the 5th Anniversary “Horse Country Road Tour.” I wrote about this event last year as I so much enjoyed this unique charitable event sponsored by Leikin Motor Companies. My friend Tom Barrett does a marvelous job of pulling this event together with great volunteers to raise money for Western Reserve Land Conservancy.

A collection of some eighty antique cars is this core ofthe event. Each year Tom arranges to visit historical locomotives in this area. As we arrive, we tour each location while I give the relevant history. Then back to White North Stables in beautiful Hunting Valley, Ohio where we have a wonderful dinner and I do more telling of the history of the area. Tom shared with me that since adding the history component to the event two years ago, participation has nearly doubled. Tom always likes to make my day.

I write today because I think over the years fundraising has become rather predictable. Tom’s vision is just the opposite as he and his friends are able to raise thousands of dollars in a truly extremely enjoyable and unique event.

The following pictures probably will tell the story better than your Storyteller – included are those representing the places we visited this year.

Fourth of July Parade – Gates Mills

Fourth of July Parade
Fourth of July Parade (click image for more photos on Facebook)

On July 3rd of this year, I was meeting with my buddies, Bob, Freddie, Don, Skip, and John at our regular watering hole, Sara’s Restaurant in Gates Mills, Ohio, where we discussed our various plans for the 4th of July. For me, there was no question, as it is a day of early golf and yard work- I guess I have become a creature of habit. This one, however, proved to be special.

Freddie made comment that it would be nice to attend the annual parade which Gates Mills sponsors every fourth. Freddie commented that this parade represented the best of small town America and the great values that come with these communities. As I listened both Freddie and I concluded that we both needed a strong dose of America, something that made you so proud that the hairs on the back of your neck stand straight up.

Well so much for golf as we agreed to meet on the lawn in front of the historical society, a perfect corner to view the entire parade. Freddie brought the water and I brought the blanket. Our buddy Bob was happy with our discussion since he was going to be in the parade with his vintage M.G. convertible. Continue reading Fourth of July Parade – Gates Mills